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Would you like to see; 

  • Whales and Dolphin off the coast of the Highlands and Islands?

  • See a Bittern fly to its nest in East Anglia?

  • Witness a Black Grouse Lek in North East England?

  • Learn the history of the Red Kite's and watch them
    feeding in Central Wales

  • Discover the secrets of Dartmoor South West England

  • Visit the biggest Birdwatching event in the UK

You will find all these and much more at Go Wild Guide!

Red Squirrel - Picture Courtesy of Craig Churchill - www.craigchurchill.co.uk
Red Kite - Picture Courtesy of Craig Churchill - www.craigchurchill.co.uk
Red Deer - Picture Courtesy of Craig Churchill - www.craigchurchill.co.uk
Greater Spotted Woodpecker


The secret to successfully fulfilling these ambitions is to find a local expert.

GoWildGuide.com intends to make this easier for you!

'Being an active wildlife enthusiast myself I know how difficult and frustrating it can be to locate information about wildlife related events and to find local guides, therefore, I decided I would endeavour to create such a forum to help others who have experienced similar problems.'

Simply click onto an area and book yourself on a Wildlife trip and start enjoying the UK`s wildlife without having to search for days on your own.

We are always looking to add to the site so if you are offering wildlife trips or events please click on Advertise Here and send us your details.  It is FREE!

Good Luck.